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Meet the 2023 Candidates

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Alexandria Meyer

Running for Vice President and City Representative

I am Alexandria (Alex) Meyer, a 2nd year BCIS student at AUT. I want to organise and run events to make studying at AUT more fun than ever. Students should vote for me cause I'm amazing and I love making people happy :)

Contact: 0278828578

Grace Hookway .jpeg

Grace Hookway

Running for Health and Environmental Sciences Faculty Representative, Wellbeing Officer, North Campus Representative, Mature Students Officer

I am currently a second year nursing student and returned to study after a career in the outdoors as an international outdoor instructor and guide. As a student representative I want to work hard as a point person for students to bring their ideas and needs into fruition around course delivery, placement support and transportation costs. I am passionate about health and wellbeing and I want to push for greater access and availability of health services for students.


Blake O'Reilly

Running for South Campus Representative, Business, Economics and Law faculty Representative

I’ve been a student at AUT for 4 years, studying business and computer science.  I’m an active club executive for both the board games club and the anime, comics and gaming club and you’ll often find me at our events. One of my greatest concerns for our university heading forwards is getting students re-engaged with clubs and student representation in a post-lockdown world.  My aim is to create better opportunities for students to improve their education and their overall university experience and I’m in a strong position to work closely with both clubs and AUTSA to make this happen. 


Layla Taha

Running for Vice President Academic, 

City Campus Representative, 

Culture and Society Faculty Representative

My name is Layla Taha, and I am a first-year university student running for Student Representatives Council in 2023. I am enthusiastic, self-motivated, and concerned about your interests and voice. If elected, I would continue to fight for student justice, transparency, and equality.  I promise to continue conducting a fair campaign, to be clear about my policies, and to devote all of my attention to the well-being of the students at this University. I am Layla Taha and I need your vote!

 Yun Ke.jpeg

Yun Ke

Running for International Affairs Officer

I am studying social sciences at AUT, I used to be an international student. I am a lively and cheerful person in life, and the reason why I would like to join the SRC is because I think the SRC is a place where I can better practise my interpersonal skills and work skills.I have a strong interest in this role, because I am very willing to serve everyone, and my personality is also very suitable for this role. I am outgoing, good at accepting other people's opinions, and innovative. So, I applied for SRC! Give my full play to my talents and help the SRC do its job well. And in the work of the SRC, keep learning, keep improving myself. I am confident and believe in my strength. I hope all of you who believe in me and who do not believe in me support me. Please Vote for me!!! Thank you 


Emelda Pauga

Running for Health and environmental science representative

My name is Emelda Loloma Pauga. I am of Pacific decent. I study Bach of health science standard pathway and I am preparing to enrol in Med school Otago in 2024. I want to make sure that students in the Health science department always have voice. Through me we can work together to improve areas in the school that we feel needs improvement. I think students should vote for me because i am not afraid to say what needs to be said. I will stick up for my fellow students and do my best to represent the student body.


Pakeeza Ali

Running for Business faculty rep

Hi everyone, I’m Pakeeza! I’m currently a first year student studying a conjoint degree in Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Bachelor of Business. I am running for the business faculty representative for 2023. An important part of business is learning to network and connect with others in the industry and therefore I want to make such opportunities highly available not only for business students, but to the whole student body. I also wish to change the fact that the business industry is male-dominated through events and promotions. Overall, I plan on making a positive change in this faculty!


Louise Mariner

Running for Vice President and Pacifica Affair Officer

My Preferences for the AUTSA Elections would be becoming AUTs Vice president. This position would be a huge opportunity for me to become a VOICE for all students at Auckland University of Technology. I won't only become their Voice on the board but I will be another member of the board whom with no doubt will help, encourage, support, unite and help lead my collogues to whichever pathways they have decided for their future. If this golden chance was given to me, it would help me give inputs of what our system needs improvement of and why it needs to be fixed. My second preference would be Pacifica Affairs Officer. This would give me the chance to not only bring together my own culture but to also bring other diverse cultures into the program. This way students of AUT would feel more at home and comfortable when they study within the boarders of Auckland University of Technology.. Not only that, but it would be a great experience for the students to get together and learn about other cultures and their history. If I was appointed to either of these positions, I would need to gain the students full trust and attention so that together we are able to gain more knowledge, and experiences. With a reunited team, the easier it would be to grasp onto what they would want me to bring to the table as well as learning beside them and knowing their ideas. Thank you and good luck to everyone running for these positions.

Contact: or @m_esther1104 


Fia Mahmood

Running for Diversity officer, Wellbeing officer, City Campus rep, BEL rep

Hi team!! My name is Fia, and I’ve been honoured to serve you all as the current Diversity Affairs officer! In short, I’m a Bengali born Kiwi raised Muslim gal, with a strong vision for better world and thus, stronger AUT. As someone who comes from all walks of life, and is pursuing a career in justice (hence my LLB/Bbuss double degree), my heart and mind remain to give back to society and leave the University better than before. Given my range of experience in multiple leadership positions, extra curricular activities and innovation, I believe it would be an honour to bring my vision to fruition so that you all, as a student body may succeed. If you think I’m suitable for any of the roles above, don’t forget to vote #feefifofia!!

Contact:  I’m active on all social media platforms! Facebook- Tasfia Mahmood and insta- @fiamahmood

Alicia Lemmer headshot.jpg

Alicia Lemmer

Running for Vice President, Design and Creative Technologies Faculty Representative, and

City Campus Representative

I am a confident and organised person with a passion for people and online safety. I have a strong leadership background being Head Girl of Rangitoto College, Youth MP for the East Coast bays (attended Youth Parliament in July) and also am the first year representative for Communications studies, so I feel like I will be able to easily adapt to a role in the SRC. I enjoy being productive and meeting people. When I’m not studying or networking, I enjoy going to the gym, being active, volunteering or meeting up with friends.

Hannah Creamer .jpg

Hannah Creamer

Running for North Campus Rep

I'm a 3rd year BSR student doing a double major in exercise science and health and physical education! My aim on the SRC is to bring some more life to the North Campus and get people excited about being back on campus! I want to give students the uni experience we have missed out on with more events, food, and clubs available to everyone. I love to speak with students and find out what is important to them, and I want to make things happen! With your vote, I hope to represent the North campus and make it better together!

Inamul Haque .jpg

Inamul haque 

Running for Diversity Officer, North Campus Rep

I'm Inamul from Bachelor of health science, my main motive being as diversity officer would be to stick along with students of diverse backgrounds, get familiar to their interests,  bring forward their unheard concerns and most importantly to facilitate an astonisheling platform through occasional Gala events that remove existing cultural barriers and establish a loving and caring surroundings by means of practibility.   Key features: Grown up in multi-cultural environment & a professional sportsman. 

Michael Jones .png

Michael J

Running for Vice President

Hey everyone! Michael J here, your friendly neighbourhood Comp Sci student. I'm all about making AUT a fun place to study and make friends. Vote for me because I have what truly counts - silly campaign posters!

Contact:  Discord - Michael7050#7050 


Harry Chen

Running for Rainbow Affairs Officer

My name is Harry, I have been elected for rainbow affairs officer for 2022, and I really enjoyed of making the event for our lovely AUT students. I work differently compare to other rainbow officers in different uni. I love to bring the fun part of rainbow pride for students as well as working the judgement and negative voices that I heard while the events happening which this is the serious part of my role this year. For 2023 I will continue of what I have done this year, and improve what i think I can do better during all the events and meetings that has been happened this year. I cannot say that I am always the best, but what I can say is when I touch my heart I will not regret or feeling shame of I haven't done enough work, because I know I tried my best, and I know how much I love my rainbow community/family.


Cameron Potts

Running for Culture & Society Faculty Representative, Wellbeing Officer

Hi! My name is Camzy, & I am a first year Psychology student. I have a deep compassion for others, focusing on developing growth & perseverance. My goal is to carry out the AUTSA Strategy as best as I can alongside the other SRC members, especially "Student Wellness". I aim to improve counselling services, create & promote wellness events for all students, & engage in student issues. As a representative of you the students, I will listen to your struggles, & be the voice of change to make AUT a place everyone can thrive.


Ashrit Nand

Running for Vice President - Academic

Hey! My name is Ashrit, currently studying for a Bachelor of Laws and the current representative for Business, Economics and Law. I had the privilege of learning about the workings of the SRC and its application to students this year, and I hope to take it a step further in making that application even broader in the role of Vice President for Academics. Alongside many stellar candidates, the reason to vote for me is that at the end of the day, I am a student, just like all of you and my goal is to make any process for students as easy and flexible as possible.


Dwight Nicolas

Running for Vice President Academic

Kia ora tātou. Ko Dwight Nicolas tōku ingoa. I have been a voice for the Faculty of Helath and Environment Sciences and now running for a fundamental role in student voice and advocacy as your Vice President for Academics. My main focus will be on the curriculum, support and online learning.


Taylor Duffus

Running for Wellbeing officer

Hi everyone I am running for well being officer for 2023. mental health is extremly important to me through both my own experiences and what ive seen my friends fight through. I care deeply about how others are doing and want to offer my support, I plan to do this by being there to guide people to the help they need as it can be terrifying to reach out for help especially if you've come from a place that never offered the support that AUT offers. I also plan to run events that use art to express mental health to make people feel seen as often we feel invisable

Contact:  Instagram at taylor_duffusaut

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