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Every year, you get the chance to vote in a Student Representative Council (SRC)— a group of AUT students elected by AUT students to represent the student voice on campus.


It’s the SRC members’ job to keep on top of anything happening within or outside the university that may affect you guys, and to represent the student body in all aspects of the university experience.


If you’re concerned about something happening at AUT or in wider NZ society that might affect you and your peers (maybe your bus fee just increased and you think it’s too expensive), these are the people to talk to.

My name is Dharyin Colbert and I had the privilege of being elected President of AUTSA, our new Student Association.


I’m a third year student studying a Bachelor of Computer and Information Science, double majoring in Networks and Security and Software Development. More importantly, I’m just a young Māori man working every day to better myself and those I have the opportunity to reach.


I’ve held a huge variety of portfolios within the association in its last incarnation. These included Māori Affairs Officer on the Student Representative Council, AuSM Representative on the Academic Integrity Board for the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law, as well as student representative on AuSM's Governance Board of Directors, alongside the wonderful Ms. Nadine Tupp, who, we can all agree, did an absolutely amazing job during her brief stint as Acting President. While working for AuSM, I quickly found a passion for helping students who might be struggling or supporting those who want to better themselves. And I see greatness abound! We have some incredible people who can achieve great things and I know there is so much more we could be doing for these people.


So we decided we needed to change. I got to be a part of the rethink and rebrand of AuSM into the bright, bold, and fresh new association we are today. And it is my pleasure to be able to represent and lead our organisation and our university with that same energy towards a better world. My only ambition in this role is to create the best possible environment for our students to succeed. I look forward to meeting you all and working together to make our students’ lives and academic journeys that much better.