Following the Prime Minister’s announcement today of going to COVID-19 Alert Level 4 (complete shutdown) from Wednesday this week for four weeks, we want to provide you with certainty over what will be happening for you at the university.

  1. AUT is bringing the mid-semester break forward and extending it by two weeks. It will now run from Wednesday 25 March to Wednesday 22 April 2020.  Following this break the academic year will be restructured to fully accommodate all teaching for all programmes.

  2. During the break there will be no teaching or assessment either on campus or online, and assessment deadlines will be postponed until further notice.

  3. The campuses will also be completely shut down except for essential services, including all those to support student accommodation and security.  Student Accommodation will remain open throughout.

  4. Many of our student services, however, will be continuing on line throughout the break and full information about these will be on the AUT and AUTSA websites.

  5. During the break AUT lecturers and staff will continuing develop quality online materials and learning resources ready for the restart of teaching.

  6. From Thursday 23 April 2020, teaching online will begin.

  7. If we are able to return to Alert Level 3 on 23 April some on-campus service and activities will be able to restart, particularly those to assist students who cannot get adequate online access from their home.

  8. Our focus is on ensuring that every student will be able to complete their qualification in the year they were expected to.

  9. AUTSA President Sisifa Lui, is on the university’s COVID-19 Action Planning Team contributing to and overseeing the work throughout this time.

Further information will be made available on a regular basis via our websites and via the AUT Student App.

We are responding to a rapidly changing situation – things are not going be as perfect as we would wish - please be tolerant and supportive of one another – and stay safe.

Kia kaha

Derek McCormack, Vice Chancellor & Sisifa Lui, AUTSA President

As COVID-19 develops, Auckland Transport and its operators are changing the way buses operate. 

  • Starting on Tuesday 24 March, passengers must use the rear door to get on and off buses. You will also tag-on and off at the rear door.

  • Customers will not be able to use the first row of seats behind the bus driver.

  • Cash will no longer be accepted on board. You must use an AT HOP card.

These three simple and sensible precautions will minimise the physical distance between customers and bus drivers.

What to do when you travel on buses?

  • Get on and off your bus using the rear door only.

  • Tag-on and off with a HOP card using the card reader inside the rear door.

  • If you use a wheelchair or mobility device or require driver assistance, you can still get on and off using the front door.

  • School bus services will continue to use the front door to get on and off the bus.

These are challenging times, not only for New Zealanders but for everyone around the world. Let’s stay patient and tolerant. If you have to travel around Auckland, remember to plan ahead by using the AT Mobile app or by visiting our website.

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