our free pantry

Foodie Godmother is a new initiative set up to help nurture AUT students’ bellies and souls. We have an open-door pantry stocked with stuff you may need, like food, moon cups and other living essentials.


You can find the pantry in the AUTSA Office on AUT’s North, South and City campuses, and its doors are open to any one of our students who needs a bit of lovin’ from their Foodie Godmother!

As your Foodie Godmother, we also know that even miracles take time, and we get that it can be tough to be a student, especially in Auckland. That’s why we hope to turn some pumpkins in your life into sparkling carriages by flicking our wand and turning your empty cupboards into full ones!

We also have community gardens on North and City AUT’s campuses (South coming soon) set up with fresh produce available to any AUT student that needs it.​


Need supplies? Txt us on 022 092 5503.

take what you need,

give what you can

All you have to do is come to one of our offices, take what you need, and with just a quick swish and flick of your pen, pouf! You’ve got your goodies and are good to go.

In regards to the pen swish, the form you’ll have to fill out is teeny tiny and will just ask you what you’re taking, what your student ID number is and what your email address is. That’s it! And don’t worry, the items are yours to keep and will stay good long past midnight.

The pantry works on an honesty-based system, so just take 5 items per visit that you need and leave the rest for other students.

Please and thank you!

Also, if you’re in a position to give, please donate what you can to the pantry. Your fellow students will love you for it, and so will we! All you need to do is visit an AUTSA office with your goodies. 

We also gladly accept monetary donations, which are used to restock our shelves with much needed goods:


sprinkle your 

fairy dust!

sponsor Foodie Godmother

Foodie Godmother couldn’t function without the love and support of our generous sponsors who help make all the magic happen.


If you would like to donate, bring in what you can to the AUTSA office. Or, email us at: foodiegodmother@aut.ac.nz

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