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Social Sports

Social Sport is a service at AUTSA that offers AUT students and staff opportunities to join casual, fun, interactive social sports in between or after lectures. Social sport does not only give you the chance to get active, it creates the opportunity for AUT students and staff to meet other students from different degrees. So enough said, check out below how to join and other offers we have available!

To join in with one of our many social sport leagues, connect with us on Facebook to keep an eye out for any social sport opportunities throughout the semester!


After joining us, there will be an announcement regarding what social sport leagues are available to register for. A link will be available to use for each social sport, choose your social sport, click on the link and fill in your details. After 2-3 working days of your submission a confirmation email regarding payment and league details will be emailed to you.


Once your spot is secured a group chat is made on Facebook. (Hence why it is important to join our page so we have to right person!) From there it is all go ahead to the social sport league and you meeting new people!

Image by Jeffery Erhunse

Pick up n' play

A few selected sport balls readily available for you to hire out for the day during your time on campus!


Steps to hiring sport balls:


 1. Head to AUTSA reception with your student ID


2. Ask receptionist which ball you wish to borrow


3. Fill in the form


4. Leave your ID card with the form

5. You're all set to go play!

Image by Md Mahdi

Social Sport Night

Held once a week on Fridays, Social Sport Night is the night where everyone is welcome to participate in any sport for fun!


How the night runs:

-Each night we try to put up different sports to cater to all different interests. This is promoted through our Facebook and Instagram pages.


-On the night AUT students enter in by showing their student ID. Wider community enter in with a gold coin donation.


-All you need to bring is sports shoes, drink bottle, student ID/Gold coin and a towel in case you a bit sweaty

Follow our social media to keep up to date!

Image by Moises Alex

Sports gear for hire

Keen to hire some gear? 

Fill this form out to hire the gear!

Need to get in touch! Don't hesitate to reach out!

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