Student Representative Council 2022
Sara President.jpg

AUTSA President

Sara Youssef

Macauley Vice President Academic.jpg

Vice President - Academic

Macauley Cunningham

Zina Vice President Communities.jpg

Vice President - Community

Zina Abu Ali

The students at AUT are represented by a Student Representatives Council (SRC), comprised of up to 22 students, elected each year to direct the operations of the student’s association. The SRC is a student led body, tasked with representing the views and needs of AUT students.

Interested in filling a vacancy?

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Faculty Representatives

The Faculty Reps, represent the students in their Faculty, their duties cover both academic, welfare and social needs of the students they represent. Faculty Reps sit on the Faculty Board, the highest-level committee within each Faculty, to represent the views and opinions of the students.


Business, Economics & Law Faculty Representative

Ashrit Nand


Health & Environmental Sciences Faculty Representative

Dayana Geronimo


Culture &Society Faculty


Nanako Ashley Yoshioka-Watters


Te Ara Poutama Faculty


(Position vacant)


Design & Creative Technologies Faculty Representative

Conor Thomas

Campus Representatives

Much like the Faculty Reps, the Campus Reps are positioned to represent the unique needs of student at each Campus.

Eloise City Campus Rep.jpg

City Campus Representative

Eloise Cameron Smith


North Campus Representative

Postion Vacant 


South Campus Representative

Ashley Kirkness

Officer Portfolios

Additionally, there are 9 Officer Portfolios to ensure the student executive is able to listen and respond to the widest range of student views, opinions and needs.

Fia (Tasfia) Diversity Affairs Officer.jpg

Diversity Affairs Officer 

Tasfia Mahmood

Aashish International Rep.jpg

International Affairs Officer

Aashish Kulkarni

Harry Rainbow Affairs Officer.jpg

Rainbow Affairs Officer

Harry Chen

Madz 1.jpg

Māori Affairs Officer 

Madeleine Makea Crouth


Disability Affairs Officer

Karan Patel


Pasifika Affairs Officer

Willy Ili

Tanvi Wellbeing Affairs Officer.jpg

Student Wellbeing Officer

Tanvi Narayan

Khooshi North Accomodation Rep .jpg

North Campus Accommodation Officer

James Mature Students Representative.jpg

Mature Student Affairs Officer

James King-Turner


Postgraduate Affairs Officer

Position Vacant


City Accommodation Officer

Position vacant