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Statement from SRC on rent control

AUTSA supports the call for rent controls and transparency about rent increases. Our students deserve access to affordable rents, and the Rent Control policy document outlines a plan we support. This is awesome for our students, especially as the inflation rate and the cost of living are increasing dramatically. If you would like to support this cause, add your name to the open letter at


Statement from the President,
Sara Youseff

AUTSA cares about our students and we are alarmed and saddened by recent media reports regarding sexual violence in universities in New Zealand. 

Sexual violence and rape culture are deeply ingrained into today’s world and need to be addressed. This is not solely an issue of protecting our students but an issue of educating our whole community about preventing and eliminating sexual violence in all forms. 

There are too many stories from people in our community who have been harmed by sexual violence and this needs to change. Ending sexual violence is an issue that needs to be at the forefront of our minds. To live without the threat of sexual violence is a human right.

Each of us has an obligation to each other. Together we can take a new path and create a community at AUT that loudly disavows sexual violence and works to dismantle the culture that perpetuates it. 

Please hear us when we say sexual violence is wrong and is not an acceptable part of our community. 

To the survivors of sexual violence, please know that we are here for you. We will fight for you and stand up for you. We will do everything we can to protect you, so you do not have to feel silenced. 

As a community, we are stronger when all members feel safe. AUTSA will continue working with AUT to ensure adequate support and accountability measures are in place to respond to incidents of sexual violence in our community. We will also be working to identify proactive measures to help our whole community better understand how to prevent sexual harm and to dismantle rape culture in all its forms. 


AUTSA’s Advocacy team is available for confidential advice via

Or you may report incidents of sexual harm, bullying and harassment at


If you would like advice or support from someone at AUT, contact the AUT Student Relations team on 021 956 082 or


AUT also provides free, confidential counselling sessions and mental health support.


If you’d like to get support from outside AUT,

you can refer to one of the following:

NZ Police

Rape Prevention Education

Auckland Sexual Abuse HELP


Safe to Talk

Puāwaitanga: phone counselling

ACC support

Victims Information