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We are AUTSA,your student voice at AUT!

Our role here is to be the voice of the students here at AUT. If you are having a rough time, have a complaint, or feel as though being a student at AUT hasn't met your expectations in any way, we are the ones who will do our best to step in and get things patched up. If you are wanting to get more involved in student life, we can help with that too!


What's on?

Check out what's coming up on and around campus!


Our services

We're here for you! AUTSA wants to try make your uni experience the best it can be. Got a question? Email


Things not going so well academically? Struggling to keep up with your workload? Maybe you’ve got some personal stuff going on that’s affecting your ability to study. Our Advocacy team are here to help.


AUTSA Events are designed with busy AUT Students in mind. We deliver a variety of regular events that support diversity, cultural and language weeks across all campuses.


We’ve got a club for just about everything. Whether you’re looking to link up with people who follow the same culture or religion as you, get involved in a new sport, or nerd out about your favourite technology, AUTSA has you covered. 


Your SRC members sit on committees where they can cause change. From academia to campus facilities, these members are elected to represent the study body in all aspects of the university experience.


Our Spirituality Support is multifaceted, and you decide how you want to foster your taha wairua – spiritual wellbeing – during your time as a student at AUT. 

Debate is your fortnightly student magazine at AUT. It’s available online and good old-fashioned print. Grab a copy from our red stands scattered around campus!

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Tautoko is an initiative that works towards assisting students facing hardship and help them throughout their journey here at AUT.

We've got your back. 

AUTSA is on a mission to become the best student association in Aotearoa, but we can only do that with the help of our students. If you notice something that needs work, or have any suggestions for how we can improve,
we would love to hear from you!

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