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Become an Academic Student Representative!

Welcome to the hub of student empowerment and leadership at AUT!

Are you passionate about enhancing your university experience and making a lasting impact? Do you want to amplify student voices and drive positive change within our academic community?


If so, becoming an Academic Student Representative (ASR) is your chance to shine!

At AUTSA, our structured class representative system is the cornerstone of effective communication and collaboration between students and faculty. ASRs serve as the voice of their peers, bridging the gap between student concerns and faculty initiatives. Through regular meetings and active engagement, ASRs gather feedback to improve the student experience across all faculties.

Joining our ASR team means embarking on a journey of empowerment and advocacy. You'll have the chance to influence decision-making processes, address important issues, and advocate for initiatives that enhance student engagement and academic success. Together, we'll create a dynamic community where every voice matters.

What is an Academic
Student Representative?

An Academic Student Representative (ASR) serves as a liaison between students in your major and your faculty, ensuring their perspectives and issues are communicated effectively.


Principal Accountabilities

  • Adhere to the AUTSA Code of Conduct and represent the academic interests of all AUT students, particularly those in your major. 

  • Gather and monitor feedback and issues from students in your major.

  • Facilitate communication and resolution of student issues with you faculty and AUTSA Academic Vice-President.

  • Attend meetings such as the School Board of Studies and Student Staff Consultative Forum, fully informed and prepared.

  • Inform the board chair or secretary in advance if unable to attend meetings.

  • Dedicate at least 1-2 hours per week to general Student Representative duties.


  • Receive support, guidance, and advice from AUTSA Staff, President, Vice Presidents, and the Student Representative Council.

  • Be consulted on issues affecting or likely to affect AUT students.

Why are ASRs important?

Academic Student Representatives play a crucial role at ensuring student voices are heard.  They enhance the quality of learning at university by serving as the bridge between students and academic staff. They provide feedback directly to academic staff, facilitating a collaborative relationship.


Key responsibilities include representation at student/staff meetings or Student and Staff Consultative Forums, addressing classmates' concerns, and providing feedback on course content, teaching quality, assessment, and facilities. By working together with academic staff, Student Reps contribute to improving the overall teaching quality and fostering a positive learning experience for students.

Benefits of being an ASR

While the positions are voluntary, there are many benefits of being an academic student representative!

Personal Growth

You will develop soft skills like leadership, confidence, networking, and empathy through communication with students, lecturers, and staff. This experience also offers insights into how AUT operates, the challenges facing students, and potential career paths in your field.

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Employability Boost

Gain valuable skills and behaviors that can give you a competitive edge in pursuing your passions. Engaging in new challenges, such as representing students or joining the Student Representative Council (SRC), can open doors to future opportunities.


Your voluntary hours can count towards AUT's Edge Award, enhancing your employability and leadership skills while providing valuable New Zealand work experience. Learn more about the Edge Awards here.


Networking Opportunities

Gain insight into the challenges facing students, while forging new relationships with peers and representatives from across the university.


Recognition and Celebration

Receive a formal Student Rep certificate at the end of the semester to recognize your contributions. Contact the AUTSA Student Representative Coordinator for details.


Enjoy a celebration event hosted by AUTSA and AUT, where you'll receive your certificate, enjoy complimentary food and drinks, and partake in entertainment.

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