Every year, you get the chance to vote in a Student Representative Council (SRC)— a group of AUT students elected by AUT students to represent the student voice on campus.


It’s the SRC members’ job to keep on top of anything happening within or outside the university that may affect you guys, and to represent the student body in all aspects of the university experience.


If you’re concerned about something happening at AUT or in wider NZ society that might affect you and your peers (maybe your bus fee just increased and you think it’s too expensive), these are the people to talk to.


representative council

AUTSA representation structure and roles

The students at AUT are represented by a Student Representatives Council (SRC), comprised of approximately 19 students, elected each year to direct the operations of the student’s association. The SRC is a student led body, tasked with representing the views and needs of AUT students.

If you are unsure of who to contact or for general enquiries, please contact autsa@aut.ac.nz

President – Sisifa Lui

The President is the leader of the student executive, and official representative of AUT Students. The President regularly meets with senior members of the university including the Vice-Chancellor, to represent students’ views and opinions. autsa.president@aut.ac.nz

Vice-President - Mariner Fagaiava-Muller

The Vice-President is student executives’ second in command, deputising for the President where required, and assisting in the leadership of the team. vicepresident@aut.ac.nz

President – Sisifa Lui

Faculty Representatives

The Faculty Reps, represent the students in their Faculty, their duties cover both academic, welfare and social needs of the students they represent. Faculty Reps sit on the Faculty Board, the highest-level committee within each Faculty, to represent the views and opinions of the students.

BEL Faculty Rep - Wujood Zadjali


C&S Faculty Rep -  Anahita Oei


DCT Faculty Rep - Charina Racasag


HES Faculty Rep - Hallam Bailey


TAP Faculty Rep – **currently vacant**


Campus Representatives

Much like the Faculty Reps, the Campus Reps are positioned to represent the unique needs of student at each Campus.

City Campus Rep - Sophia Weissenstein


North Campus Rep - Kelsey Cornthwaite


South Campus Rep - Daniel Scott


Officer Portfolios

Additionally, there are 9 Officer Portfolios to ensure the student executive is able to listen and respond to the widest range of student views, opinions and needs.

Diversity Affairs Officer - Mauzmeen Khan


Disabilities Officer – Michael Kanara


Mature Students Officer – Iram Shaikh


International Affairs Officer - Prayag Shethia


Pasifika Affairs Officer - Jessica Vea


Postgraduate Affairs Officer - Sukhpreet Kaur Gill


Rainbow Officer - Esther Mackay


Student Wellbeing Officer - Nathan Fehr


Maori Affairs Officer -Te Haua Taua


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SRC job descriptions

SRC Meeting Agenda 22 July 2020

June AGM 2020 Meeting Minutes 

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