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Student Representative
Council (SRC)

Every year, you get the chance to vote in a Student Representative Council (SRC)— a group of AUT students elected by AUT students to represent the student voice on campus.
It’s the SRC members’ job to keep on top of anything happening within or outside the university that may affect you guys, and to represent the student body in all aspects of the university experience. They cannot provide life advice or counselling but can direct you to the right people on campus to support you.
If you’re concerned about something happening at AUT or in wider NZ society that might affect you and your peers (maybe your bus fee just increased and you think it’s too expensive), these are the people to talk to.

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AUTSA Representation Structure and Roles

The students at AUT are represented by a Student Representatives Council (SRC), comprised of approximately 22 students, elected each year to direct the operations of the student’s association.


The SRC is a student led body, tasked with representing the views and needs of AUT students.

If you are unsure of who to contact or for general enquiries, please contact

Stay up to date with the SRC social media pages:

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Documents & Info

Check out our Guiding Document - the AUTSA Constitution.

Check out what the SRC can do for you.

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Meeting times

Thursday 21st October, 2–4pm. We have sign language Interpreters in attendance.
Meeting on Zoom

Friday 19th of November, 11am–1pm.
Meeting on Zoom