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Student Representative
Council (SRC)

Every year, you get the chance to vote in a Student Representative Council (SRC)— a group of AUT students elected by AUT students to represent the student voice on campus.
Your SRC members sit on committees where they can cause change. From academia to campus facilities, these members are elected to represent the study body in all aspects of the university experience.
If you’re concerned about something happening at AUT or in wider NZ society that might affect you and your peers (maybe your bus fee just increased and you think it’s too expensive), these are the people to talk to.

AUTSA Representation Structure and Roles

The students at AUT are represented by a Student Representatives Council (SRC), comprised of approximately 22 students, elected each year to represent different types of students.


The SRC is a student led body, tasked with representing the views and needs of AUT students.

Elections happen in the second semester, so if you have an interest in making student life better for others then make sure to put your name forward!

Student Representative


Interested in knowing more about what the SRC do?

We have monthly meetings which we encourage students to come along to - details below.

Next SRC Meeting: Friday 28th of April

10:30-12:30pm, City Campus Student Lounge


Have a question? Email

SRC Documents & Info

Guiding Document 

Check out what the SRC can do

Talk points for next SRC meeting

AUTSA 2023 AGM Minutes

AUTSA 2022-2027 Strategy Document

Documents & Info

We're here for you, so please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Click the button below for relevant contact details.

For general enquiries, email

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