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It can be tough making friends at university, believe us—we’ve been there! Joining a club is a great way to meet like-minded people and make lifelong pals outside the classroom.


Lucky for you, we’ve got a club for just about everything. Whether you’re looking to link up with people who follow the same culture or religion as you, get involved in a new sport, or nerd out about your favourite technology, AUTSA has you covered. We’ve even got an Anime club (yes, really).


Keen to get involved? Please email with the subject line “clubs” and then your enquiry. Who knows? You might just meet your BFF.

Read our clubs grant policy here.

clubs categories

cultural clubs

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social clubs

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faculty clubs

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  • AUT Chinese Student Association

  • AUT Sāmoan Students’ Association

  • AUT Indians Association in Kiwi-Land

  • AUT Tongan students Association

  • Malaysian Students’ Association at AUT

  • Tītahi ki TUA

  • AUT Vietnamese Student Association

  • Fale Niu – AUT Pacific Island Student Association

  • Ocha no Jikan    お茶の時間

  • Omani Students Association AUT

  • Kukis at AUT

  • AUT Sinology Association

  • AUTACG (animation, comics, and games

  • AUT NZ Sign Language Club

  • AUT Racing

  • FPV Drone Club

  • KPOP Club of AUT

  • Off Grid – AUT Outdoor Club

  • Out@AUT

  • AUT Millennial Airsoft Division

  • Soul Cafe

  • Future Proofers – Sustainability Club

  • AUT Scholars Society

  • Veda Club

  • AUT Toastmasters

  • AUT Computer Science Club

  • Amnesty at AUT

  • AUT Now

  • AUT International Abroad

  • IUA (Inform, Understand, Act) – AUT

  • AUT Streetstyle and Fashion

  • AUT Baking Club

  • AUT Paintball

  • Te Aro Ture

  • AUT Mooting Society

  • AUT STEM Women


  • AUT Student Paramedics Australasia

  • AUT Law Students Society

  • Te Rau Kawakawa

  • AUT Human Resources & Employment Relations Club

  • AUT Astronomical Club

religious clubs

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arts clubs

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  • AUTM

  • Horizon AUT Dance & Performance

  • AUT Zine Club

  • AUT UN Youth

  • Expression – AUT Dance Club

  • AUT Muslim Students Association

  • AUT Student Life

  • Change AUT

  • AUT Christian Fellowship

  • Every Nation Campus

  • Buddhist Youth Club

  • Revolution Uni

  • AUT Redeemed Campus Fellowship

  • The Christian Club

  • This City Young Adults (Harbourside)

  • AUT All Good Club

  • AUT Campus Greens

  • Young New Zealand First Club

  • Wakefield Street Young Nats

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political clubs

club of the month

AUT Racing

“AUT Racing started this year facing a massive challenge, having no prior experience in the competition we have had a lot to learn in a very short amount time. Thankfully, we have received incredible support all over the University, from AUTSA to AUT faculty and lecturers, all of whom we are very grateful to have on this journey with us. Of course, we are also incredibly grateful to all our student members who have spent much of their free time contributing to this project, it has been great to see so much enthusiasm for our project and we hope to continue making progress. 


Currently we plan to spend the remainder of this year pursuing two main goals in the hopes that we will be ready to begin construction of the car early next year. Our engineering teams will be starting work on detailed CAD models of the entire vehicle, designing customs parts, and performing simulations to ensure that everything will work when it comes time to build. Our business team on the other hand will be focusing on securing industry partners to support the team both financially and technically. 


While we still have many difficult challenges ahead of us AUT Racing is incredibly excited for what comes next.“

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